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Data & Disaster Recovery for Business in Berkshire

Apple Macbook Repairs in Berkshire

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Replacement Macbook Screens

Whether you have a new or older mac, we can replace the screens on many models with either new or refurbished (depending on the model) screens from either our own stock, or from Apple themselves. Macbook screens come in many different shapes and sizes, so we may need a couple of days to source the correct model, but we can certainly replace the screens at a very reasonable price.

OSX System Recovery

Does your mac just show an exclamation mark at power-on? Does it try and run a restore from the internet every time you press start. Is it not responding at all? We can help whether your problem is hardware or software. Although we do recommend that you take all new macs to the Apple store, we can address any problems that Apple are not prepared to do under warranty.

Apple Data Recovery

If you are using an Apple MAcbook then you will most likely need your data recovered from a slimline M2 style drive. Depending on the age of your machine these drives all have different interfaces ans specs and can be difficult to recover data from even with another PC or Mac. We have access to data recovery devices for all of the different types of M2 and SSD drives in the current and historical Mac range, so give us a call to get some help and get your data back.

Restoring Mac Files

Are you backing up your data to an external hard drive using Time Machine or similar? You really should be! If your Mac drive becomes inoperative it can be extremely difficult to recover data from a damaged M2 SSD as all of the chips are integrated and are soldered on by robot at a microscopic scale. We may still be able to help but this is only for the most precious of data as the costs can be astronomical!

Physical Macbook Damage

Do you need a new keyboard or case or new screen or PSU? We can help in most cases, whether from our own stock or from sourcing the parts from other suppliers. If you Macbook appears beyond repair, it may still be worth bringing it in for a look. If the power went out before the data became damaged we may still be able to recover some of the data from your Macbook or Mac desktop.

iPhone Repair

The newest iPhones are engineered by robots to a macro-microscopic level and are extremely difficult to repair on-board (by replacing components on the printed circuit board) but not impossible. We can definitely have a look at any products you need repairing but if the precision is to great we may not be able to accommodate your requests. If you wish for us to try anyway (because you have exhausted every other possibility) then we can still go ahead at your risk and as a paid undertaking regardless of recovery.

Pricing Table

Our prices are calculated on single failures or recoveries - contact us for multiple failure pricing.

Deleted files recovery

  • Recovery from all sorts of deletion
  • All versions of Mac OSX
  • Hard disk and M2 storage
  • Failed Macs can be recovered
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OSX Won't Boot

Starting at £99/Drive
  • Recovery from all sorts of partition loss
  • Recover the original OSX version
  • Hard disk and M2 storage
  • Failed desktop Macs recovered
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Locked out of OSX

Starting at £999
  • Very complex recovery
  • Probably impossible
  • Transfer of chips onto new board
  • Only as a last resort!
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